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Catterfly Bookstore is the middle of a dream. Two authors conspired together to create an online home for other authors, no matter where they fell in experience. After Our Write Side began in September 2015, it grew faster than expected, evolving into Facebook groups for authors, readers, and poets, to a literary journal, and on to become a fully licensed company operating as OWS Ink, LLC. As more and more authors submit their manuscripts to our small press, the idea to sell their books direct developed. Catterfly Bookstore is the result of this idea. Why go through an e-retailer to buy a book when you can do it direct from our store? Know your support through every purchase is putting more royalties in your favorite author’s pocketbook. 



With a fabulous talent for finding the best new writers, a natural eye towards emotive poetry, and drive to succeed, OWS Ink, LLC is changing the publishing world one author at a time. Our literary journal hosts only the finest short stories and poetry based on themes and introduces you to brand new authors four times a year. Catterfly Publishing is committed to giving voice to new authors, helping them succeed in establishing themselves as household names and getting their books on thousands of #mustread lists all over the world. Our Write Side is dedicated to helping authors from all levels of writing with fantastic daily writing prompts and topics on all aspects of writing. OWS Ink is a our new site, designed just for readers to introduce them to our authors, share our authors words, interviews, and book reviews to fill their shelves with. Whatever your need, OWS Ink has you covered. If we don’t, contact us today and tell us what you need.


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From our best selling books to our branded gear, we are dedicated to providing you top quality product with every order. Our staff hold our same beliefs and dedication to providing above average services. If you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy. 

OWS Ink, LLC wouldn’t be anywhere if it wasn’t for our highly-skilled team. Covering industries from editing to designing, marketing to publishing, our amazing volunteer staff can cover any author needs anywhere in the world.

With every purchase you make from our bookstore, you can rest easy knowing a percentage of every sale goes directly to the author, and at a higher rate than ordering through a mega retailer. Another portion of every sale goes to compensating our talented staff for everything they do. Your purchase equals support, and we love you for it.


Amanda, Heidi, and Stephanie

OWS Ink, LLC Executives


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