No Safety ebook

No Safety ebook

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Syllabic gestures and punctuation of measures, professing and inventing new pacing, like the dark jazz from the other side of the looking glass. A poetry collection from a debut author that moves like music in a modern setting of the darker slice of life.


No Safety

T.G. Martin

Something about the raw, argumentative commentary of Charles Bukowski and the surprise of Shel Silverstein, suddenly discovering a new alleyway in a city they’ve know for decades. That feeling of familiarity within newness seems the impetus driving the passion of these pieces.

No Safety* delivers on the title’s promise. Martin plumbs the depths of human emotion boldly, yet accessibly, conveying his experiences on the darker side of life. These works are exciting and fresh. Martin is unafraid to confront his demons in his honest and introspective premier.

*Not intended for ages under 18.

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