Special Holiday Author Bundle

Special Holiday Author Bundle

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Send your horror fan and bibliophile the epic holiday bundle! This special package includes everything you see here:

1 signed copy of Stephanie Ayers’ romantic horror novella: Til Death Do Us Part

When Ian buys Elizabeth a Tiffany’s engagement ring, he unwittingly sets off a series of deadly events as the ring goes full circle — passing through the hands of a hopeful co-worker, a young delivery boy, a beloved daughter and her father, a drug addicted twin brother, a drug dealer, and a pawn shop — to be reunited with its intended.

1 signed copy of Stephanie Ayers’ horror short story collection: The 13 (Tales of Illusory)

13 enchanted horrors, 13 spine-chilling tales. Down, down in the depths they fell, bodies in the dark of a liquid hell. Can you survive all 13?

and 1 OWS Ink branded coffee mug

Limited supplies available. Order yours before they run out!

(Stockings and decorations not included)


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